Thai chicken and coconut milk soup


12-ounce can coconut milk
1/4 lb chicken breast, cut into small chunks
juice and grated peel of 1 lime
4″ piece of lemon grass, cut into very thin (1/16″) slices

4 slices of fresh ginger
serranos to taste

How to prepare

In a medium bowl pour the lime juice on the chicken and let stand. In a medium saucepan, place the coconut milk, lemongrass, grated lime peel, ginger, and chiles.(The earlier you add the chiles, the hotter the dish.)
Bring the coconut milk to a simmer. When the soup is simmering, add the lime-soaked chicken pieces and stir to distribute them. Reduce the heat so the soup stays just below a boil and cook for 12 to 15 minutes, or till the chicken pieces are finished cooking.
Remove from heat and serve immediately with fresh cilantro leaves for garnish.

(Tom ka gai or kai tom ga)

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