Hi guys so this is my FIRST cooking tutorial on how to PEEL and STIRFRY shrimp in a VERY simple way (you can get the cooking sauce and oil at local Ralph’s or other grocery stores . Most of the time , people will just get the already peeled shrimp and it costs more than unpeeled ones , actually we can save money just by peeling it ourselves , it’s super easy ! also for stir-fry shrimp , all you need is shrimp , cooking oil , onions and black pepper sauce ! hope you enjoy it , don’t forget to tell me what you think about it ! thanks so so much !!!! CHECK OUT MY YOUTBE CHANNEL : www.youtube.com ADD ME AS FRIEND at www.facebook.com FOLLOW ME ON MY BLOG : pandoraspalette.blogspot.com MY NETSHOW : netshowscommunity.ning.com Much Love& Care, CeCe

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