EXPAND HERE FOR MORE LOVE– how to cook indian punjabi baigan bharta recipe Learn quick and fast eay method to how to cook indian punjabi baigan bharta recipe,BRINJAL EGG PLANT RECIPE Ingredients Required:– 1 big egg plant / baigan 3-4 onions 2-3 tomatoes salt red chilly powder corrionder powder garam masala turmeric / haldi powder cumin seeds cooking oil/ sunflower oil dried mango powder / amchur powder green chillies 4-5 chop all the vegetables finely finely chopped green coriander leaves for garnishing. Other video : how to cook Indian fish curry recipe here: www.youtube.com cooking time 10-15 minutes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ hello , you are here because you are watching my daily vlog videos on my vlog channel – “jessica84143” , which is my daily life, and some random vlog channel, I am an Indian girl who loves to do anything that comes in mind, and I share some fun here from my life on this jessica84143 channel. I also have another channel, which is my makeup,beauty,fashion,skin care,hair care and henna channel with lot of free gifts and giveaways for my subscribers!! the other channel is “SuperPrincessjo” You can be a subscriber by just clicking the SUBSCRIBE button on my videos top.

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