Taco salad


1-2 lettuce heads
1 lg onion chopped finely
6 small tomato chopped finely
2 lg packages of taco cheese (found in your local dairy section)
1 1/2 – 2 lg bottles of catalina salad dressing (must be this type)
3 lbs of ground beef or turkey
3 packages of taco seasoning mix (or 1 per lb of meat)
1-2 bags taco flavored doritos

How to prepare

You are going to cook the hamburger until it is almost done, then mix in the packages of taco seasoning. Cook 5-10 minutes more to be sure it is done, then drain well. In the mean time slice and dice the other ingred. Putting in lg bowl. After the meat is well drained mix with the other stuff
about 5 minutes before serving add 1 1/2 bottles of salad dressing (or enough so that it is well mixed) then you want to crush the chips and mix in adding more dressing if needed. You don’t want to mix the stuff sooner as the chips become soggy, so it is best to do right before serving

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