Fresh Sockeye Salmon
Yoshida Gourmet Sauce

How to prepare

Fillet & skin salmon into “big slabs” (side steaks). Slice real thin strips along the length of the slabs and bone. Marinade 24 hours in the refrigerator. Use gallon zipper lock bags. Swish bags gently to make sure the strips marinade evenly in the sauce. Lay on wire racks and smoke 3 days over birch chips. This would be with very little warmth, or a cold smoke method. Turn the strips after the first six hours. The Salmon jerky is done when it becomes almost translucent. Cut into 5 to 6 inch lengths. Store in zip lock bags in freezer. A 5 to 10 lb. salmon will yield (8) 1 quart bags of processed jerky.

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