Low-Fat Chicken Paprika


1 lb boneless chicken breast cut into strips
1 med yellow onion (halved and cut in strips top to bottom)
3/4 cup boiling water w/ 2 chicken cubes disolved
pam spray
can of sliced mushrooms (optional)
8 oz fat free sour cream

How to prepare

Spray a large skillet with a good coat of pan. Saute onions over med heat to soften. Push onions to the side and add chicken to brown slightly (cook 5-6 min, turn and cook for 4-5 min more) Give good dusting of paprika (about 1 Tablespoon) then add water/cube mixture and reduce by at least 1/2 over med/low heat (simmer don’t boil) this usually takes 10 min (add optional can/jar mushrooms) Whisk in sour cream until fully incorporated. Garnish with additional shake of paprika and grated parsley. Usually served with white steamed rice or No-Yolks Egg noodles cooked according to directions.

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