Lab kai – chicken salad thai style


2-3 tbsp of lime juice
2-3 tbsp of chicken stock
2-3 tbsp of fish sauce (nam pla)
4-6 tsp of prik phom (ground dried red chilies)
1 tbsp khao koor (ground toasted rice)
3-4 shallots (purple onions) chopped
Half a stalk of lemon grass, very thinly sliced
1 [kaffir] lime leaf shredded, or 1 tsp lime zest
1-2 scallions, thinly sliced
1 tsp powdered galangal
4 oz of chicken
Lettuce, parsley, sliced radish and mooli, coriander leaves.

How to prepare

Line a serving dish with the lettuce leaves. Chop the chicken in a food processor. In a fairly high wok, with a very sm amount of oil, stir fry the chicken until it just starts to turn whitish, then add all the remaining ingredients (if using precooked meat, simply add everything to a hot wok together), and stir until heated through and the chicken is cooked. Serve on the bed of lettuce leaves and garnish to taste. Serve with steamed sticky rice.

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