Khubuz – pocket


5 lb unbleached flour
1 pkg. Dry yeast
2 tbsp salt
8 cups luke warm water

How to prepare

1) combine flour and salt in a mixing bowl.
2) in another bowl, dissolve the yeast in water let rest for 5 minutes in a warm place.
3) in a large bowl add flour/salt , in the center create a well and slowly pour in the yeast mixture.
4) kneed the dough for about 20 min. Or until the dough is smooth, soft and elastic.
5) form dough into a ball, lightly cover with olive oil and place in a lightly oiled bowl and let raise in a warm place, with a towel draped over the bowl for 45-60 min. Or until dough doubles in size.
6) on a lightly floured surface, punch down dough and divide into 4

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2 thoughts on “Khubuz – pocket

  1. It would be a good idea. In the future maybe we can implement it.

    Thank you for your suggestion.


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