Chili powder


1/4 cup fresh ground toasted cumin seed
2 tbsp fresh ground toasted coriander seed
2 tbsp hungarian paprika
1 tbsp fresh ground toasted telicherry black peppercorns
2 1/4 tsp fresh ground chipotle chiles

1 1/2 tsp fresh ground dried wild pequin chiles, including seeds
3/4 tsp fresh ground dried cascabels, including seeds
1 1/2 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp fresh ground cloves

How to prepare

Get good quality whole cumin and coriander seeds and toast them individually in a skillet over high heat just until they are fragrant. Remove from heat immediately, let cool and grind into a powder. Process the telicherry peppercorns in the same manner. Individually grind up the chipotles, cascabels, wild pequins and cloves. Sift all the ingredients together in the amounts shown and store in a tightly covered jar until ready for use. Notes: other dried red chile peppers can certainly be used in place of the pequins and cascabels. For best flavor, however, grind your own rather than buying and using a pre-ground powder. Chilpectins are great for this also.

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