Basic pizza sauce


1 can whole tomatoes (35-oz can)
1 tsp basil, oregano, or marjoram
1 clove garlic, crushed and minced
2 tbsp tomato paste, optional
Black pepper, freshly ground, to taste
Salt, to taste

How to prepare

1 pour the contents of the tomato can into a 2-quart, heavy non-aluminum saucepan and coarsely crush the tomatoes with a fork
2 add the herbs, garlic, tomato paste, salt, and pepper
3 bring to a bubble over med heat, stirring to mix the seasonings
4 as soon as the sauce begins to bubble, turn the heat to low and maintain the sauce at a gentle simmer
5 cook, uncovered, stirring from time to time, for a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 1 hour

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